After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Never Knew Existed

Remembering these will make you faster and look like a pro in front of clients!

These shortcuts are for Mac. If you’re using a PC:
1. I’m very sorry about that
2. Replace cmd with ctrl

This is aimed at people who know their way around After Effects, however its good for everyone. The earlier you start using shortcuts & the more you use them, your brains are committed to memory and you wont have to think when using them.

Timeline Stuff

Shift selected keyframes on the timeline
alt + ← & →

Un-Solo other layers except this one
alt + click solo

Select layer above / below on timeline
cmd + ↑ & ↓

Create stuff

Or you could just use this plugin if you always forget.

Light = Cmd+Alt+Shift+L
Camera = Cmd+Alt+Shift+C
Null = Cmd+Alt+Shift+Y
Adjustment Layer = Cmd+Alt+Y

Create solid = Cmd+Y
(modify a solid = Cmd+Shift+Y)

Modify stuff:
Change Solid settings = Cmd+Shift+Y

Zooming & viewport stuff

zoom to 100% = /
fit zoom to window = Shift+/


Increase / Decrease selected font size = Shift+Cmd+ < or >

Additional Tools

This toolbar plugin is great for adding quick access to commonly used tasks.

nb: I’m occasionally updating this list as i find useful more useful shortcuts worth remembering